Audience Media

Audience Targeting

  • Detailed data profiling and preparation

  • Discover actionable customer insights from social media using statistical models and analysis, text-mining approaches, and machine learning algorithms.

  • Find influencers who produce relevant content and discover the audience behind them to launch great data-driven influencer marketing campaigns and get higher ROI.

  • Automatically create audiences and segments for personalizing the visitor Ad experience. 


Artificial Intelligence

  • We develop AI-driven products and solutions.

  • We employ AI for Ads Optimization in an effort to reduce human effort by employing a data oriented approach.

  • Our AI based tools simplify optimization activities by employing Machine Learning algorithms to study historical data to find the relevant ad for a targeted user group.



  • Save time and effort while our auto optimization tools scan the data and intelligently makes decisions to increase revenue.

  • Automatically optimize ad sizes, ad fill, placements and types.

  • We ensure that not even a single ad impression is undervalued. We create optimized price floor that can have a huge positive impact on your ad revenue.

  • We help maximize your ad revenue by allowing/using multiple ad networks and ad exchanges to bid on your ad impressions simultaneously and in real time.

  • Continuous optimization on ad networks for minimum latency using smart intelligence.

  • Automatic optimization based on user level and website level attributes such as device, returning users, and more.

  • Our algorithms analyze huge amounts of data and tweak parameters until efficiency is tangibly improved.


Machine Learning

  • Assist with Data Warehouse Modernization and Data Lake Implementation.

  • Exploratory data analysis to provide appropriate visualizations that provide detailed insights into specific business questions.

  • Create a comprehensive big data strategy to discover new sources of insight into your customers and ops.

  • Developing and implementing algorithms (e.g., machine learning, data mining, and optimization.

  • We additionally provide expertise to work through the complex steps required to implement such algorithms in a production environment.

  • Build predictive models that classify and quantify new events and customers based on historical data.

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Data Integration & Data Integrity

  • Pull and ingest data from a variety of sources.

  • Combine technological and business information.

  • Implement a hybrid architecture and get an in-depth look at the whole company.

  • Ensuring Data Integrity, Data accuracy and Data completeness. 


Business Intelligence & Reporting

  • Our data visualization passion turns raw data into meaning and that meaning into understanding.

  • Business Intelligence takes technology and translates it into the words of the business world.

  • Build industry-specific templates.

  • Design executive summary dashboards.

  • Get data-driven insights as they occur.

  • Access results fast with in-memory visualization.

  • Develop action plans based on clearly presented data.

  • Use powerful visualization tools to simplify social media analytics. Visuals help to reveal patterns, trends, changes, and correlations.

  • Data-architecture implementation, tuning, or refactoring.

  • ETL implementation, tuning, or refactoring.

  • Dashboard and report development.

  • Development or implementation of a virtual analytics infrastructure.

  • Development of a data-governance or data-stewardship capability.

  • Provides comprehensive data analysis to extract real business value from your data.

  • Aggregate clean and accurate data from multiple sources into a single database optimized to process information quickly and safe.