Audience Media

Our Mission

We enable digital businesses to harness the power of big data and develop actionable business intelligence. Our consultative approach melds data science and machine learning to deliver outcomes that improve business outcomes.

Let us help you tell great stories from your data!


Our Approach

Our omni channel marketing approach evolves and learns through every partner interaction and each campaign we manage. It all starts with spending the time up front to define measurable outcomes and then measuring those outcomes against quantifiable goals that define success. Audience aggregation, real time bidding, optimizing system costs associated with servicing volume campaigns, brand safety, verification of traffic via third party tools, operational audits to improve marketing team's efficiency. Does not matter what the goal is. Our frameworks works for any situation. Every time.

As a result our systems have allowed us to manage traffic across 200 countries, run campaigns in 20 languages, across every device type, against any measurement goal such as cost per action to cost per interaction. To date, we have managed media spend that has effected commerce and brand awareness outcomes exceeding over a billion dollars.


Our Products

Our suite of products are built on the foundation that your data should work for your digital business. It should tell a story. Our systems consist of building blocks that encompass basics of data engineering, system design, analytics, and business intelligence.

The core foundation allows our bespoke solutions to collect and organize your data so you can deliver results that your organization can leverage.

Our team of data scientists start by examining your existing data ecosystem and how it relates to running a smart and efficient data hub. Then, our data connectors perform the principle tasks involved in managing, loading, extracting, and transforming data.

Our machine learning based data hygeine modules takes your data through staging, profiling, cleansing, and migrating. Along the way, our business intelligence module provides actionable recommendations that act as the invisible hand assisting all facets of an organization. Our tools assist data experts throughout an organization—analysts, engineers, scientists, modelers, and more.